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In the Beginning
No New PostsAnnouncements509 Topics - 1,296 Posts
This is were the forums Announcements will be.Led By: Darkmage
11th Aug 20 at 3:12pm UTC by Egu Marsh
in inflamation related plan t...
No New PostsPlot182 Topics - 192 Posts
The forums plot. Need I say more?Led By: Darkmage
11th Aug 20 at 1:36pm UTC by Khohn Tarcia
in Lunaire Keto Avis France
No New PostsRules1 Topics - 2 Posts
This is the forums rules. Please read them as I do not want to ban anyone.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 8:23pm UTC by Darkmage
in Main Rules
No New PostsWelcome254 Topics - 355 Posts
New to Final Fantasy Nation? Then come here and Introduce your self.Led By: Darkmage
7th Aug 20 at 2:51am UTC by Egu Marsh
in high to learn
No New PostsInformation4 Topics - 5 Posts
You can find information on the different games and areas here!Led By: Magick Chaotica***
23rd Jan 09 at 5:41pm UTC by Magick Chaotica***
in Guide Summary
Character Info
No New PostsPending155 Topics - 213 Posts
This is where you will fill out your characters profile.Led By: Magick Chaotica***
11th Aug 20 at 6:17am UTC by DanjaPlum
in baskets new balance femme
No New PostsAccepted8 Topics - 11 Posts
All "Accepted" characters will be moved here.Led By: Magick Chaotica***
5th Aug 20 at 6:20am UTC by vreid
in adidas campus
Northern Continent
No New PostsMidgar2 Topics - 2 Posts
Midgar is now a new and Flourished City. Midgar is the Capitol city of the Northern Continent.
Sub-Boards: Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3
Led By: Darkmage, Magick Chaotica***
26th Dec 07 at 7:48am UTC by Darkmage
in Midgar
No New PostsJunon6 Topics - 6 Posts
This is a Second Military base that Midgar controls. All of the Soldiers are trained here. A big Cannon occupies the front part of the city, and some part of the ocean.Led By: Darkmage
7th Mar 08 at 8:13pm UTC by asuki
in Reborn
No New PostsNibelheim1 Topics - 1 Posts
Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart's hometown. The Shinra Mansion located here was the research site for the Jenova Project.Led By: Darkmage
29th Jan 09 at 12:00am UTC by Magick Chaotica***
in Nibelheim
No New PostsGold Saucer6 Topics - 10 Posts
A towering amusement park built on Corel's ruins, financed and operated by Shin-Ra.Led By: Darkmage
6th Jun 20 at 12:25pm UTC by vreid
in long cardigan
No New PostsTimber1 Topics - 1 Posts
A coastal town near the eastern edge of the continent. It was formerly an independent state, until it was invaded and occupied by Galbadia.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:50am UTC by Darkmage
in Timber
Eastern Continent
No New PostsAlexandria3 Topics - 3 Posts
Alexandria is the pristine capital of the Eastern Continent and at one point, the capital of the Alexandrian Empire that is formed by Queen Brahne. Princess Garnet Now rules the Kingdom.Led By: Darkmage
18th Aug 08 at 10:37pm UTC by Darkmage
in Songs of My Life
No New PostsGalbadia Garden1 Topics - 1 Posts
Galbadia Garden is one of the most important Soldier training facility for Alexandria. Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:51am UTC by Darkmage
in Galbadia Garden
No New PostsTreno1 Topics - 1 Posts
A cosmopolitan city of the Alexandrian Empire, Treno's social hierarchy is highly stratified: the wealthier nobles live in the upscale district, while the poorer classes are confined to the slums.Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsConde Petie1 Topics - 1 Posts
A village of dwarves who speak with a Scottish accent, it is the team's first port of call on the Outer Continent.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:52am UTC by Darkmage
in Conde Petie
No New PostsLifa Tree3 Topics - 3 Posts
An enormous tree on the Outer Continent.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:52am UTC by Darkmage
in Lifa Tree
No New PostsFisherman's Horizon1 Topics - 1 Posts
FH is the Only city built on the Ocean, everyone depends on their fish. They are a big Boat Dock. Many , many ships dock them to re fuel, and to get something to eat.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:53am UTC by Darkmage
in Fisherman's Horizon
Western Continent
No New PostsZanarkand5 Topics - 5 Posts
Zanarkand has been re-built by the Citizens around the continent. The City is fully Operational, and it is now the Capitol city of the Western Continent.Led By: Darkmage
4th Jan 09 at 2:04am UTC by Magick Chaotica***
in Rip Out My Heart ((OPEN TO...
No New PostsBesaid1 Topics - 1 Posts
Besaid Island is famous for its fabrics and the clothes it produces. It is home to the blitzball team Besaid Aurochs, who have never won a game in the ten years that Wakka was playing for them.Led By: Darkmage
28th Feb 08 at 4:59am UTC by lux
in A Little Bit of Trouble......
No New PostsKalm1 Topics - 1 Posts
A town northeast of Zanarkand, outside the wasteland surrounding it. It is primarily populated by former workers of the nearby Mythril Mine.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:54am UTC by Darkmage
in kalm
No New PostsWutai1 Topics - 1 Posts
A country occupying a large island off the western-most continent, although the name is primarily used to refer to the only known settlement on the island. Yuffie Kisaragi is the princess of Wutai. Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:54am UTC by Darkmage
in Wutai
No New PostsBalamb Garden1 Topics - 1 Posts
A military academy at which SeeDs are trained. This is the most important Military base for the Western Continent.Led By: Darkmage
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Southern Continent
No New PostsArchadia6 Topics - 7 Posts
The republic became an empire 200 years ago with the strengthening of its military power. Ever since, Archadia began invading its neighbors in an effort to expand its territories.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:55am UTC by Darkmage
in Archadia
No New PostsBhujerba1 Topics - 1 Posts
An independent city-state found on the sky continent of Dorstonis. Its history began as a mining colony during the advent of the airship.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:56am UTC by Darkmage
in Bhujerba
No New PostsDalmasca1 Topics - 1 Posts
A small kingdom at the Galtean Peninsula. Though small in territory, its location in the crossroads of 5 of the city's made it the center of trade.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:56am UTC by Darkmage
in Dalmasca
No New PostsNabradia6 Topics - 8 Posts
The neighbor of Dalmasca, both of which were found by the bloodlines of Dynast-King Raithwall.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:57am UTC by Darkmage
in Nabradia
No New PostsRozarrian1 Topics - 1 Posts
The militaristic Empire in the west of Ordalia, the army and firepower reportedly matching that of the Archadian Imperial Army.Led By: Darkmage
26th Dec 07 at 7:57am UTC by Darkmage
in Rozarrian
No New PostsTrabia Garden13 Topics - 15 Posts
Trabia is an important part of the southern Continent. They train there White SeeD's here. White seeds are dispatched to help the Empire in adding in wounds and as well as fighting.Led By: Darkmage
28th Jan 08 at 3:30am UTC by Darkmage
in Trabia Garden
No New PostsGeneral Talk411 Topics - 484 Posts
Talk about anything here.Led By: Darkmage
5th Aug 20 at 7:25pm UTC by vreid
in bury Whitney due to self-e...
No New PostsOriginal Role-Play0 Topics - 0 Posts
This board is for the None Final Fantasy RP'rs. You can make anything up here, so as long its not against the Rules.Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsSuggestions1 Topics - 1 Posts
Have a Suggestion about the forum? tell us hereLed By: Darkmage
18th Aug 08 at 11:08pm UTC by Darkmage
in A fiddle about with the RP...
No New PostsFan Fic0 Topics - 0 Posts
Have a Fan Fic that you created and want to share, or just found one. Remember to give credit.Led By: Darkmage
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No New PostsAdvertise5 Topics - 10 Posts
Advertise here. Open to everyone!Led By: Darkmage
10th Apr 08 at 11:47pm UTC by Darkmage
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