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Karma you have done it again. Jux and Lani need to get it together. They both are hiding behind their pride and put the love they have for each other on the back burner and ended up not being there for one another when the needed it the most. So sad about Zy and hoping Yay finds happiness again. Louie pissed me off jumping to conclusions and noiwbmay have lost the love of his life. Q is just crazy as hell. Love how we see the other side of events from Keisha and Cashmere. Can't wait for part 3. Always a fan.
Rica Maye Bacolcol
Listening to this CD puts me right back in high school and college. The Four Seasons have always been a favorite but after seeing Jersey Boys (twice) I had to buy this CD. The arrangement of music, the dialogue from the play, the memories that come back.....fabulous! You think of the play as well as where you were in the 60's. Six of us went to the play and we all have and love this CD.
Nora Almendarez
Just what I needed and lasted beyond the season
Mostafa Ahmed

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