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Thow shall perish under me.

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Plot (29th Dec 07 at 10:12pm UTC)
Invasion: attack, assault, incursion, raid. The act of invading; the act of an army that invades for conquest or plunder.

Power: authority, command, rule, supremacy. The possession of control or command over others

Greed: gluttony, ravenousness, hunger, self-indulgence. An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth

FREEDOM: Liberty, independence, choice, free-will. The power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without. Just a state of mind perhaps?

Come journey with me to a place where all things collide, where good people have lost their way to the alluring clutches of evil. Where there are now only a few who will stand up and fight for a freedom that we once all had, a freedom that may never exist again.

Let me take you back, back to where it all started, 4,000 years ago.
There are four great nations within these lands, equally strong and equally stubborn in their resolve for power and dominion. On the Northern Continent, the capital Midgar, led by President Rufus are strong in there scientific ways and make many weapons for the ‘just cause. On the Eastern Continent, the capital Alexandria originally led by Queen Brahne are a place of old ways and believe that their way is the ‘right’ way. The Western Continent with its capital Zanarkand is a place that has seemed to forgotten the turmoil it had once before and strive once again to call the ‘whole’ world their own. The Southern Continent with Archadia on its ways to becoming an Empire, was thought to be the only place that would not fight in a war unjust. However as time moves on and it requires more power soon the greed had sunk in.

These are the places that started it all, the painful fighting that only hurts all that it touches and as time moved on nothing seemed to get any better.

The year is now 3478 B.C. and the war that was started over 4,000 years ago, is still unsettled. All 4 nations seem to want more land, and due to our own greed and destruction we have unleashed a power like no other, "sin". The creature born from the very hearts of greedy men began to start it’s own war, a war that no longer was fought by nations and other nations but a war that targeted the world. Sin began to destroy all the cities that were either on the ocean and next to the ocean. So many places were lost in his initial attack and one of the last remaining is Fisherman's Horizon. A place that provides all the fish to the other cities and towns, the only place that provides the fish.

But still they did not listen, since the discovery of Aeons, Magick, and strong machina founded 5 years ago, the war became worse. Even though Sin has began its fight the four nations have still not learned, not even realized that Sin exists yet. What will it take, the whole world to be destroyed before they realize what it is they have done? Maybe….

And so the war continues….
President Rufus is conducting experiments in the scientist lab in Midgar, Though no one besides the President and the Scientists know about it.
The Alexandrian Continent starts to build new and more powerful weapons by combining Magicite and Machina.
The Zanarkand Continent have started creating large amounts of Magick and forging them with the lifestream.
The Archadian continent are quiet, but they have something big planed to destroy all the buildings on the other continent.

What could possibly happen when All 4 nations use their weapons on each other? Soldiers from all 4 nations battle each other on all Continents. People like me and you die in a meaningless war that was started by greedy men?

Are we doomed to always repeat histories mistakes?

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