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Teh Sammie Dictionary of Doominess - Posted By Magick Chaotica*** (daleeria) on 2nd Feb 09 at 3:05pm
As a lot of you might come to notice over time, I tend to use some kinda weird words, not all of them real words. So I figured I'd start a dictionary on those words so that people actually know what I'm saying. Feel free to use these words/sayings, but there a few (indicated by a *) that I would appreciate getting credit for, considering I made them up... They're in sort of alphabetical order... I'll add more words as time goes by...


Doominess - normally preceded by "of" and tacked on to the end of a noun.

Eagleness - it means Eagle... I just like adding 'ness' to the end of words.


* "Curse Upon Man, There Is No {Peanut Butter}!!" - It basically means "Where the hell is the {Peanut Butter}?"

NOTE: the words in the { } can be replaced by any item you're searching for.

OMFGWTHBBQ?!?!?! - An expression of extreme surprise. Oh My Freaking God What The Hell Barbeque