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Guide Summary - Posted By Magick Chaotica*** (daleeria) on 23rd Jan 09 at 11:41am
In this board you'll find information on the different games used on FFN. Use it like a guide, but be warned, there WILL be spoilers. There was a request for this a while ago, and since I've taken over I decided to use this suggestion for the simple fact, not everyone has played every Final Fantasy and so there will be things that they may want to know. It'll save everyone time from having to SEARCH through the millions of pages of information on the games.

Some of the information is from my own personal experience, other information is from Wikipedia or any other reliable source I can find! I'll have a credits section after each section of the guide.

So, here's your guide key:
Name :: The name of the game (though the header of the guide section should be enough to let you know that)
Summary :: A quick summary of the game with no real information in it. For some people this will be enough to refresh their memory.
Places :: The main places of interest in the game including Cities. Names with stars (*) by them are places that are used on FFN.
Characters :: Just a list of the main characters including villians, just so you know what game the characters come from.
Magic/Summon System :: Sure, it not something you really need to know for this specific RPG, but it's handy information to have if you ever play the game, and eventually we might incorporate an actual battle system.

Game Bio :: This has all the information you ever need to know about the game, except for the script and how to play it. It's just a more in-depth summary of it in other words. For multi-disc games each blob of information will be separated by Disc Sections.

These guides can be updated at anytime, and I probably won't always warn you when they are. Hopefully these will be helpful to people!