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Main Rules - Posted By Darkmage (admin) on 26th Dec 07 at 2:22pm
Welcome to Final Fantasy Nation!.

By making your first post you are agreeing to all rules and conditions stated here so please read through them fully. If there are rules posted in an individual board that means they are rules unique to that board that are not posted here, so again we ask that you read them also.

Yes you have to read them, it will only take a few minutes out of your life, but it is necessary that you must read them as they contain vital information to your membership here at {Forbidden}~{Reunion} - Have a nice day and/or evening.

Forum Rules

1.This site is a mature site so bare in mind that some crude language will be used in the IC threads. However under no circumstance it this language to be used against another member in a hurtful way. Also note, that although this is considered 'mature', there is to be no cybering/character sex/whatever you want to call it. If there is interest I will make special boards for it, but don't do it in normal RP boards*.

2. No Spamming, if you do so it will be an automatic ban. It will not be tolerated.

3. In-activeness,Every month you will be deleted from our forum. It makes forums look inactive and less amusing if it is full of inactive members. We will enforce this rule by frequent activity checks. If you have been deleted but you want to rejoin in, please do so for your character will still be here, but this time stay active.

4.If a staff member is inactive, or, is neglecting their powers, or their job, you will be demoted back to a regular member. Which in this case you are in the normal member rules, and will get deleted along with the inactive members.

5. Don't use copy written stuff, people work hard to make or write what they think and feel so if you are going to use someones work then credit it.

Posting Rules

1. Be respectful of other members and staff when posting in the OOC threads and the IC threads.

2. No double posting. This is so members won't post over and over trying to get their rank up and be patient if there is no reply to a thread you started because it will come. Hopefully. If you feel that your post is being neglected, or you need to tell whoever you're RPing with that you edited your post, that is acceptable, but we would prefer you do it through the nifty PMing system.*

3.No one liners please, keep the story moving. If you can't think of more things to say then start to describe what is going on around you and what your surroundings look like. Remember this is a literate site, we do take first timers but we expect that after some time you will be able to post at least 5 sentences which is what we expect for all members. We do understand, however that sometimes our muse fairies take a holiday and we are unable to perform to our best. If you find that you need help with this rule then ask one of the staff to help you out.

4.Stay on topic. Don't completely change the subject that the thread was started about and don't start threads that are off topic to the board.

Character Rules

1. Please, no perfect characters, every person has their flaws its what makes us unique and interesting.

2.No God-moding, what this rule prevents is those characters who can't die, can't bleed and are pretty much all powerful and godly characters. These Characters are boring and tend to piss people off. Only one character is allowed of this and that character really has not been decided. God-moding also includes playing other people's characters. It annoys people when someone else does an action for them.*

3. Have an avatar or siggy you must have one of these at least, there is a graphics section for members who don't have one or wish too have one made by or graphic people. Just go and post in there to let us know. EDIT: This is not required right away until after you're accepted for a character. Feel free to request one on the Graphics board.*

4. Banners are to be 450 x 200 or lower. This includes Text links as well.

5. Have fun!

Warning/Probation System

This is a 1 strike warning system for any of the rules broken. Should you receive 3 strikes to your name, you will be put on probation for a length of time that will be determined by the staff depending on what rules are broken. For the first half of that probation period you will not be allowed to post on the roleplaying boards, and the second half you'll be allowed to. For the whole probation period you'll be closely monitored by myself and other 'probation officers'. If you behave and/or give a written apology to the admin or (in a case such as god-modding) to the affected member(s) we may let you off early. If you continue to intentionally break any more rules during your probation period, you WILL be banned for an undetermined amount of time. After we let you back, you'll have another three 'strikes' and then you will be permanently banned. I hope we never have to take it this far.

These are simple rules to follow to make this forum run smoothly and fairly; most of them you've probably seen on every site you've ever been on. By following the rules it will enable everyone to enjoy being on this forum.

Darkmage & Magick

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Role-Play Rules - Posted By Darkmage (admin) on 26th Dec 07 at 2:23pm
1) God Modding

Yes we all like to do it every now and then. However, it is banned on this site and you shall receive a warning. Basically, God Modding is when you control another persons character without there permission. Example: when your character attacks someone else and you say they don't block it, that is God Modding. Let's say like your character attacked your opponent, however they posted and didn't block the attack properly or at all, then you will have hit them for definite. This is not God Modding at is just plain Role playing. God Modding is disrespectful to the other players and just plain annoying.

2) Imagination

You have it, use it. Don't always stick to one liners or just two words; it's extremely boring and what I like to call a "thread killer". Things aren't fun for anyone, when you only write a few words that no one can really reply to. This is punishable, unless you have some sort of problem where you can only do that, if so then you won't be punished for it. I would suggest writing at least a paragraph with four to five sentences (I understand sometimes you lose your muse, but even when I'm half asleep and extremely depressed I can still write at least that many.) If you can't reply because there's nothing to work off of in the reply before you, send the person a PM and politely give them some suggestions or ask a few questions. This is a two way street. Just don't drink too much and drive on the wrong side of it! {Grin}

3) Description

Description in your post is vital, it will determine weather your character is hit or not. Things that I like to add in detail is weather, sounds and scenery. For something else to describe is the way your character feels, what they are thinking of and how they move. Also especially during fights, you need to describe where your attacking from, how fast you are going and how hard you are swinging. All this will add up to momentum which can be used against you so be careful. This can feed the 'one-liner' rule too. The more description you use, the less likely you are to be replied to by a one-liner, and the less likely you are to write a one-liner!

4) Weapons

Your weapons are your survival most of the time, so let's be realistic here. If you have fists for weapons, you aren't going to block a broad sword are you? Now if you have steel padded gloves that can help but remember that the more Armour you have on your weapons, the more heavier they are. Guns and things like that are allowed, but please, no super-powerful weapons that just obliterate everything. It's anti-creative and in my mind placed under the 'God Modding' section. My suggestion is look for real-life weapons and add customizations to it (like a pistol that shoots magic or something like that). If you need help, I'm sure that there will be people more than willing to give you suggestions if you just ask! We don't all bite.

5) Spam

You are not allowed to spam in Role play threads. It looks bad and annoys people. OOC messages to other players are okay, but if it's going to turn into a conversation move it to the PMs or something like that, please. You will only get one warning on this, though I'm sure we won't have TOO big of a problem with it, right? -threatening overly cheerful grin-

6) Multiple Characters

You are allowed more than two characters per account. You can only have up to two accounts per user. You may request a third account by PMing me (Magick Chaotica).

7) Requesting a Third Account

If you're an active poster (you must have at least 100 posts to even consider requesting) there's a good chance you'll get it. At least 25% of your posts must be within the past month or two (or longer, depending on how many posts you have. If you have 2000 posts I'm not going to demand that 500 have been in the last month, though if you managed that, I can guarantee you permission for a third account!) Also, it would be nice if a good percent of those recent posts were RP posts, but I'm not going to do a thorough check up of that! *NEW

8) If you want to be any sort of ruler or anything special(a King, Queen, President of Midgar, Shinra Scientist etc.) PM me with a request, and I'll be sure to change your status to just that. *NEW