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starts his breakdown of the Patriots’ bloc - Posted By elaine95 (elaine95) on 21st Jan 20 at 12:42am
After every New England Patriots win Womens Jacob Bailey Jersey , head coach Bill Belichick joins radio color commentator and ex-Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak for a film breakdown of the action. This week, the duo took a look at three pivotal plays from the team’s 38-31 victory over the Chicago Bears – New England’s first road win of the season.(11:00) S.Gostkowski kicks 66 yards from NE 35 to CHI -1. B.Cunningham to CHI 17 for 18 yards (N.Grigsby)Belichick and Zolak start by taking a look at kickoff coverage, using a first quarter play to highlight the unit’s execution. “We get a really good kick from Stephen Gostkowski, that’s always a key thing,” the head coach says. “Good hang time Authentic Jacob Bailey Jersey , good distance, gives the guys a chance to cover.” Belichick then highlights how his team does a good job of setting the defensive right-side edge and having two players – Nicholas Grigsby and Matthew Slater – beat their blocks to close the lane for the ball carrier.(8:40) S.Gostkowski kicks 68 yards from NE 35 to CHI -3. B.Cunningham to CHI 16 for 19 yards (B.King; N.Ebner).The next play to be analyzed is a kickoff in the fourth quarter. After praising Gostkowski for another well-placed kick, Belichick points out how Brandon King is able to set the left-side edge while the backside players also close in quickly. “We got that hole return condensed into [a] small area,” he says. “When the play starts it looks like they have a lot of field to work with but if we can get a good kick, good coverage and get our outside guys to set the formation tightly then there isn’t really a lot of room to run.”(11:05) C.Parkey kicks 60 yards from CHI 35 to NE 5. C.Patterson for 95 yards Jacob Bailey Jersey Boys , TOUCHDOWN.“This is a big play to answer the score that the Bears just had,” Belichick says about Cordarrelle Patterson’s 95-yard kickoff return touchdown in the second quarter. The coach points out that Chicago, while initially having good coverage, overplays the runback which in turn allows his team to take advantage. Belichick also points out the role that two blocks by Brandon King and rookie J.C. Jackson played: “The key to this return is getting the backside cut off [to] create a little bit of an alley so C.P. can hit it.”4-8-CHI 45 (6:05) P.O’Donnell punt is BLOCKED by D.Hightower, Center-P.Scales Infant Kendarius Webster Jersey , RECOVERED by NE-K.Van Noy at CHI 29. K.Van Noy for 29 yards, TOUCHDOWN.Belichick starts his breakdown of the Patriots’ blocked punt in the fourth quarter by highlighting the personnel and how the bigger defender are on the field to prevent Chicago from trying a potential fake. With Chicago initially blocking well, one of the rushers had to make a play – and Dont’a Hightower did. “Hightower is able to get in there with a good two-arm extension [...] good blocking technique, puts his hands right on the ball,” Belichick points out. “Great individual play here by High.”To watch video of the breakdown Kendarius Webster Jersey Draft , please visit The Patriots were without tight end Rob Gronkowski and running back Sony Michel against the Packers on Sunday night and another skill position player dealt with an injury during the game.Wide receiver Josh Gordon left the game on a couple of occasions to have his finger looked at by the team’s medical staff. After the 31-17 win was over, Gordon said that he dislocated his finger and was able to stay in the game after getting the finger popped back into place.“I guess just like a freak accident — nothing too crazy,” Gordon said in his postgame press conference. “But, after one of the slant routes, I think some pressure fell on it and it dislocated Kendarius Webster Jersey NFL Jersey , so I popped it back into place a couple times throughout the rest of the game, but it’s fine though.”The finger didn’t keep Gordon from putting the finishing touches on the scoring Sunday night. Tom Brady threaded a pass to Gordon, who avoided a tackler and ran the ball into the end zone for a 55-yard touchdown. It was his second score as a Patriot and his 130 yards were a high since coming to New England.