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Choosing The Right Golf Balls For Your Golf Vacation

Author: Ray Baker

Choosing the right type of golf ball for your golf vacation is simple right? They are all the same shape Rhys Hoskins Jersey , pretty much all the same color and feel like they all weigh the same - I know I can buy cheap balls and some are real expensive, so is there a difference?

Well yes actually, you see golf balls might all look pretty similar side by side Nick Williams Jersey , but they are all made entirely differently dependant on whether they are made for performance or to suit a budget.

When you are purchasing balls you first need to decide what you are buying them for - if you a new to golf or a high handicap player, you will more than likely opt for budget golf balls, because the chances are that you will lose a lot of balls and that can work out real expensive if you buy performance balls at this stage - performance golf balls can cost three or four times as much as the cheaper budget priced balls.

As your game starts to improve and you get more control over where your shots land Aaron Nola Jersey , you should start to invest in more expensive balls as this can save you a number of shots during each round of golf.

It is all in the dimples!

If you examine closely a budget priced golf ball and a performance ball side by side you will see that the dimples are different on each ball. The shape and number of the dimples on you ball will affect the amount of lift you can generate with your ball, and the distance that you can get the ball to travel.

The shape of the dimple will affect the yardage you get when you hit the golf ball; a standard golf ball typically has round shaped dimples, but a performance ball will more than likely have hexagonal shaped dimples. The hexagonal shape of the dimple means the air flows around the ball more efficiently and means that you can get the ball to travel a greater distance.

The number of dimples on your ball will also affect how it behaves in flight Maikel Franco Jersey , each ball will have between 250 and 500 dimples depending on the brand and type you buy. Put simply, more dimples allows you to put more backspin on the ball which means your ball will go higher.

There are other factors that affect the performance of a golf ball, such as the color of the ball Mike Schmidt Jersey , the type of cover used in manufacture and the stiffness of the balls core.

To get maximum enjoyment out of your golf vacation you will want to be on top of your game, so don't let something as simple as the wrong choice of golf ball spoil your fun.

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