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Fate Of Ivalice - Posted By Reydaitso (Reydaitso) on 11th Jan 08 at 12:32pm
Name of Website: Fate Of Ivalice

Username: Reydaitso

Genre: FF12 RP

URL of Site/Forum:

Affiliate Code: None

Referral: I found this from the other site, forbiden reunion.

Description: Its a strait up FF12 RP site, there are three members so far, so its not even going yet, but im sure with enough people we could get it going.

Additional Comments: Come on and join, You can be most any race, not just FF12 races.

Re: Fate Of Ivalice - Posted By ashe (ashe) on 11th Jan 08 at 5:03pm
Oh. This is my site. I made it. It isn't entirely competed yet because I am lacking graphic support, so if you join, at the moment it may be relatively inactive. It is completed enough so that rps can start, but there are three rp cadagories for three different rp plots. The general one you all know, the basic Ivalice, is up and running. The beginning of another is started, and the other one hasn't been touched.

Although this site is strait up FF12Rp like he put it, the plots give a different perspective of it. One involved the opportunity to play as the Espers and create their story.

The other is a futuristic type after a fight between the Ocurrian and human race occured. Ivalice was put into a slumber by a traitor in attempts to save humanity, and when it woke, the Ivalice they knew was no more.

Well that is the basics of it. It doesn't have many members because I've been trying to avoid advertisement until after it was completed, for its graphics are rather poor. Once I get a decent skin up, I will have an affiliation table and everything added as well.

Re: Fate Of Ivalice - Posted By Toby (toby) on 3rd Apr 13 at 4:33am
I think,it's really useful to all.

Re: Fate Of Ivalice - Posted By paket wisata lombok (breezer) on 14th Apr 18 at 2:12am
Oh, I got it {Grin}