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Cleaning company in Mecca and Dammam - Posted By naden nader (mahmodnader) on 11th Sep 21 at 3:45pm
A cleaning company in Makkah that provides you with all cleaning and maintenance works for ovens, ovens and swimming pools in the Makkah region. It also provides a special service in cleaning all kinds of sofas, especially sofas made of velor or broadcloth and linen, which gives luster and beauty to the place, so it uses the latest steam machines that remove all dirt and stains from the sofa. This is after removing all the accumulated dust so that stubborn stains do not occur from the mixing of dust with steam.

We clean the stepper with high quality as a result of our dependence on steam devices and there is no need for disassembly and installation, as the machines we use reach everywhere and to the most difficult places

Steam is one of the latest cleaning methods for a cleaning company in Makkah, as it performs a deep cleaning and is based on drying. It helps in cleaning upholstery, taking care of sterilization, getting rid of germs, bacteria and unpleasant odors, and taking care of preserving colors against fading. Steam is one of the best methods used to clean curtains, carpets, sofas, boards, rugs, and others, after vacuuming the dust through the electric suction.

Always keen to provide and provide all services at the highest level and quality and at the lowest prices, and the cheapest prices. Cleaning the sofas in exhibitions, companies, theaters and restaurants, we are committed to providing cleaning services for all buildings

Professional in the field of cleaning and maintaining gas and electric ovens
First of all, our technicians begin to disassemble all parts of the oven with great precision and care.
Then each piece is cleaned separately, then comes the process of wiring the pipes and removing impurities from them.
For the surface, the best types of detergents are used and any stains and adhesions present on it are removed.
Finally comes the drying and polishing process, which includes all parts to make the oven look like new.
The company provides all original spare parts in ovens at the best prices.

A tank cleaning company in Mecca Noor Al-Madina follows the latest methods and methods used to clean the tank and get rid of impurities and sediment stuck in the tank, and it also performs maintenance work, so that there are no problems in the tank, and the company also uses high-quality cleaners to prevent the spread of insects in the tank that cause corrosion. tank.

The company owns tools for cleaning the upper and floor tanks, in order to get rid of all the dirt in the tank and eliminate germs.

Cleaning company in Dammam Noor Al-Madina We have cleaners and sterilizers that are placed on the carpets and sofas to remove any unpleasant odors from them. Also, inside our company we perfume the sofas and carpets and all over the house after the cleaning process The best home and office carpet cleaning services in an integrated manner

The best special polishes for sofas made of wood, where the shine lasts for long periods.Save labor specialized in cleaning leather sofas that are widespread in companies, doctors’ clinics and offices
It offers a variety of cleaning methods, using dry cleaning, traditional cleaning, and all this, depending on the type of sofa fabric. The floors, whether parquet, ceramic or marble, are cleaned, polished and polished. Antiques, lampshades and chandeliers inside the villas are taken care of. Using cranes, we were able to easily clean the chandeliers hanging on the ceilings, in addition to cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen.

For distinguished workers who can clean office rooms, shelves, and glass facades for companies, as well as clean sofas, carpets and rugs, while providing a marble polishing machine to polish and smooth marble for companies and buildings.

A tank cleaning company in Dammam, Noor Al-Madina, using the latest equipment in the process of cleaning the tank from the impurities stuck in it. Cleaning materials are authorized by the Ministry of Health, so as not to infect family members with diseases. The company works on cleaning new tanks to get rid of unpleasant odors

The pipes connecting the water to the tank are cleaned, and the pipes are cleaned to ensure that all connections of the tank are clean to use clean water